What is Blakely Rhode


The looks you've been pinning.

Not gender specific. We ship worldwide.

We take style inspiration from around the world and pave the road.

All of our pieces have been carefully curated with a desire to bridge the space between luxury brands and affordable street style.

What is Blakely Rhode?
Blakely Rhode, as a business, is essentially your road to attainable and affordable on trend fashion. Blakely Rhode was built on a love for cool, fun yet effortless style and after time spent travelling and living in different cities, the brand was built on being inspired by the city-boulevard-beach hybrid fashion sense of world cities. 
Have you ever scrolled aimlessly on Pinterest and thought, "wow I wish I was this cool", or, "this is such a vibe", or wondered "would I pull this off" if you dared to mix-match or wear something a little out there..? I sure have. 
For me, I wanted to pull exactly those things from the Pinterest mood board and turn them into products that not only myself, but girls (or boys) Central Coast based or Australia-wide would be able to attain and enjoy. 
When I first began Blakely Rhode, it was built on my love for vintage clothing. Predominately oversized tees. I loved the idea of being sustainable as well as creating fun, on-trend outfits with unisex pieces so that my business would speak to both boys and girls. I also had a love and eye for picking up things, seeing their potential or finding one-off, unique pieces. At the time, vintage played a major role in my personal style so everything seemed to evolve effortlessly. 
When the business kicked off, it became my mission, just like Pinterest mood boarding, to pull celeb outfits and re-create them in a more sustainable and affordable way. For the most part.. it worked.  
In saying this, time and effort spent to curate this for my website, and for you, became a mission, a chore, I lost passion and I lost any free time to find the pieces that once made this business so special. 
I lost my tone of voice and the brand began to loose its image. With a few hurdles and some self doubt, the business starting to not reflect what it once was and therefore, working on bringing you newness and exciting pieces became too hard. 
However.. as I grow and evolve, so does Blakely Rhode.. so do you and so do the things we pin on Pinterest
I'm bringing things back to basics, back to where it all began and trusting in my brand name, image, and all the accessories you have seen and loved before in many new, fun and exciting ways. 
I will be ridding for the most part, Vintage pieces from my website and focusing on more staple wardrobe must haves, with the colourful and fun on trend accessories Blakely Rhode does best. 
I want to stay true to myself, the fashion I know and love, the product I feel confident in and move forward with the trust in my evolution and personal style. 
Fast fashion notoriously creates a backlog of trends, that are marketed as going out of style. However, one of the main objectives of this business is to help our customers realise that clothes can be consistently, re-liked and re-worn, pulled from the back of your wardrobe and given new life with unique, on-trend accessories. This doesn't mean, the piece has to be pre-owned or vintage to begin with. It needs longevity, love and the ability to be refreshed with and inspired by, additional pieces over time. 
I want everyone to be able to wear the same foundation for seasons and years to come, but also feel up to date and on-trend with fun accessories and a touch of Blakely Rhode. 
Blakely Rhode, promises to pave that road and bring you the on-trend, Pinterest-saved pieces you love each year with the intent to keep the seasons fun, bright but most of all give you inspiration and a place to wander when your feeling creatively drained in the dressing room. 
Blakely Rhode is your new Pinterest mood board. A place to come for inspiration and a one stop shop for basics, gender-neutral accessories and fashion advice. 
I am always here to chat with all of my beautiful customers and help you re-create and attain the looks you've been pining.  I want this to be an engaged place, where my customers have a say in what comes next. Please never hesitate to reach out and tell me what you are loving! 
If you haven't already.. head to the Blog post "Who is Blakely Rhode" to read more. 
Big love always, Bek xx 
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