Our Sustainability Mission

It is important for our customers and followers to know that we always do our best to align our purchasing, shipping and procedures with the world's efforts towards sustainable and slow fashion. Our product is manufactured in small quantities in order to minimise our footprint and we are forever learning and making changes to ensure we do our part in everyway possible. 

Blakely Rhode is a small business which only purchases and manufacture products in extremely small quantities ensuring we never over produce. This is what makes our small business so special as each drop is super limited. 

We like to take a slow fashion approach. Meaning, when we create Blakely Rhode branded product, it is always with the intent that this will be apart of your wardrobe for meany years to come and will see you through all the seasons. We encourage trans-seasonal styling and help you adapt for the changes of weather through our social media.  

With all of our packaging, we use eco-friendly, sustainable bags and tissue paper from "Noissue". We are now proudly a part of the eco-alliance and every sale at Noissue, goes towards a carbon initiative and Blakely Rhode has chosen Reforestation and Biodiversity.

As well as our mission towards sustainability, we have also made it our mission to give back to the Central Coast community (where we call home) in any way possible. Blakely Rhode donates a percentage of second hand clothing from previous wholesale vintage deliveries and "imperfect" perfect products/samples to people in need.

We also encourage our Blakely Rhode community to contact us with any suggestions or other ways to give back so we can help as many people as possible. 

For any information or suggestions regarding our sustainability mission, please email us at