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Blakely Rhode

Blakely Rhode Betty Basket Bag Large - Brown

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Please ensure you are selecting the right size & looking at the photos for comparison. Each size is a different product. 

This is the size Large.

Straw Handbag
Tote Large Bag
Handmade Natural Basket Bag
PU Leather Strap

Width 50 cm
Bottom width 30 cm
Height 30 cm
  • 【MATERIAL】 Natural straw and no inner bag design follow the design concept of everything from nature, of course this will make the straw bag look a little rough and may not meet everyone's aesthetic, but the fibers of natural straw have a strong tensile strength, wear and corrosion resistance, environmental protection, lightness, fashion, grass fragrance these should not be hidden.
  • 【SIZE】 Hand-woven natural straw and artificial leather hand straps, each straw tote bag will have 1-2 inches of variation, which is the normal range. With the change of time air environment, the color of natural grass will also appear different, please enjoy this natural harmony.
  • 【Handmade】Straw purse are purely handmade, each is unique, with a high degree of ductility, but due to express transportation may cause deformation and other problems, do not need to worry, as long as the normal use of one or two times will slowly return to normal state.
  • 【Handle】The soft and smooth faux leather handle are designed to provide you with more stylish details. Tested over the years, this faux leather handle has higher durability compared to leather handles.
  • 【After-sales 】 As the handmade straw basket bag will be slightly rough compared to the machine-made products, so it may not meet everyone's aesthetics.