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Blakely Rhode

Blakely Rhode Betty Basket Bag Brown

Blakely Rhode Betty Basket Bag Brown

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Join the Betty Basket Bag club. Our BEST SELLING bag suits every Pinterest aesthetic and you can take her anywhere. These have been carefully and timely curated for you to enjoy and have for seasons to come. 
Our Betty Basket Bag comes in two colours. Brown & White. 
This is our Betty Basket Bag in the Brown colour-way. 
Our Brown colour-way comes in two sizes. 
The Betty Basket is a handmade, natural Basket made of Straw with a PU Leather Strap and branding. 
Please note the natural straw and no inner bag design follows a natural handmade design. The straw may look a little rough or differ in places due to the fibres of natural straw. These have a strong tensile strength, wear and corrosion resistance, environmental protection, lightness & sometimes a grass fragrance. 
As the bags are hand-woven there may be 1-2 inches of variation between them. With the change of time, air environment, the colour of natural grass will also appear different, this is what keeps them unique. 
The soft and smooth faux leather handles are designed to provide you with more stylish details. Tested over the years, this faux leather handle has higher durability compared to leather handles but we do not recommended packing your Basket with overly heavy items in case. 

Width 40 cm 
Bottom width 25 cm
Height 25 cm 

Width 50 cm
Bottom width 30 cm
Height 30 cm
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